Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Latin with a Healthy twist!

I feel like hibernation season has begun, all I want to do is cook and bake all day! And with that said, I have been a total blog stocker! Tonight I had the urge to throw something together, do you ever have those nights where you just want to be a mini chef? haha I do and more now than ever. So I went to one of my favorite blogs Eat Yourself Skinny! and found the recipe for Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers. I added a couple of my own adjustments to it for my liking.. I added ground turkey to it as well and it was mmmmm mmmmm good!

And Voila! An easy, healthy, filling meal :) For the complete recipe check out Eat Yourself Skinny's blog, she has amazing recipes! Stay tuned for more, I can't get enough!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

SPRINKLES!!!!.... Ice Cream????!!

While one of my girlfriends was recently in town from SF we decided to play tourist and head over to Rodeo for some shopping and people watching :)

We thought we would make our way over to Sprinkles while we were in the area and low and behold Sprinkles now has Sprinkles Ice Cream!! We were in heaven, flavors upon flavors! Not only did they have an amazing selection of ice cream but cookies, sandwich cookies and so much more yummy treats! I ended up getting the red velvet cone with red velvet ice cream! OMG sooooo good! If you have a sweet tooth I would definitely make your way over to Beverly Hills :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Your Style Lounge

Now, I have never been much of a shopper, but my routine Sunday morning brunch spot just so happens to be linked up with Your Style Lounge. It's this amazing women's clothing and accessories boutique inside of Toast on 3rd.

I'm totally OBSESSED with this seasons color palette and styles, so bright and vibrant! So when I walked in, I fell in love! Michelle, the owner, is so nice and friendly, I felt like I had just gained a new best friend upon leaving! ((I LOVE NICE PEOPLE))

 If you aren't in the LA area don't worry they have a great facebook page as well as their website is going to be coming soon: www.YourStyleLounge.com

Whistle While You Work

Sheeshh! It's only been 4 years since my first post. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE? I guess life has just gotten in the way. Anyways, I am now living in Los Angeles and am doing everything from Modeling/Acting, doing my medical esthetician gig to working on commercial sets, still doing a little wedding/events coordinating, but recently I have been craving my blog! I have so many things that I would love to share with you in the skin care industry, healthy foods, interesting fashions and anything and everything in between that catches my eyes! I may have a busy schedule but when you do what you love, you never have to work a day  in your life!

Monday, December 15, 2008

To the birth of a beautiful.....BLOG!!

In honor of my birthday today, I am gifting myself this fun blog that I am so excited about starting. I have been telling myself that I would start this and I finally am. 

After being in the city for well over a year now, I have come across so many wonderful places and have seen way too many great things, that it would just be in poor manners not to share with everyone. :)  

So for today lets start off with a blog I came across today that is just too yummy to pass up! Also it is very appropriate for todays theme of birthdays!

I was looking for an idea for a Christmas present for all my coworkers, of course I knew I wanted something baked...but should I go for sugar cookies? fudge? snicker-doodles? hmm..I wasn't quite sure until I found this website http://bakerella.blogspot.com !! If you haven't seen this website, go there....NOW!! You will find the most adorable mini cupcakes on a stick, mini cupcakes and it make you want to run to your kitchen right this second, put on that apron and get to baking! It shows you how to make them and it is sooo easy and there are themes according to occasion.. how sweet is that? I will be making little Christmas themed minie cupcakes! I can not wait to take them into work! This is what I call "eye candy".